About This Site

National Instruments (NI) is an American company with several products in the field of automated testing and virtual instrumentation software.

Among its products is the LabWindows/CVI - an event driven ANSI C programming environment, allowing the creation of GUI based programs. From my experience, CVI is appealing to people from many fields due to the fact that, with at least a minimal training in the C language, one can quickly create powerful and useful applications. CVI has a friendly environment, providing easy to access help-texts and tutorials which make the learning process much easier. Over time, as one works with CVI, new powerful abilities are acquired and the resulting generated applications get more sophisticated and useful.

I first came to know CVI during my undergraduate studies, and I use it frequently ever since. For the past few years I have been teaching courses that include programming with CVI, which are taken by students with almost no experience with programming or the C language (besides the basic C programming course that they previously take). Most of my students adapt quickly to the CVI environment and enjoy the new & powerful abilities they acquire during these courses, and many of them keep using CVI for their projects and for their personal/professional needs.

In this site we (myself and other qualified and talented programmers) put together a collection of CVI tutorials with varying levels of sophistication. This site is mostly aimed towards people who are new to CVI and event driven C programming, but  also contains more in dept tutorials for the intermediate-advanced user.

I will be happy to receive your questions and suggestions,

Dr. Tal Alon