Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Create Icons with CVI's Icon Editor

Written by Erez Wenger - December 2011

In this post we show the icon creating process and explain how to link icons with your application.

You might want to create a special icon for your application (to be used as a file icon and as the icon on the title bar of the application), replacing the default CVI icon. You can of course use an already made, free downloaded icon, but you might want to use your creative side and create your own, and CVI has a built in icon editor that makes the process easy.

to access CVI's icon editor go to Tools->Icon Editor

Before you start drawing, you must realize that an icon is actually composed of several images, each of a different size (and color representation). The operating system will select the best fitting image for every display option, for example: the icons you see when you are using 'list view' or 'details' is different from that used when normal or large icons are used (such as those on your desktop). You will therefore need to create at least two versions of the icon and incorporate them into the same icon file. 

In the window that opens you can select the sizes of the different images you want to include in the icon (see image below) and then you can start drawing those images using the editor's different tools.

When you have finished and done saving the icon file you can easily associate it with you application by clicking Build-> Target Settings... (in the menu bar), and adding the icon file name in the correct place (see the figures below).

Co-Writter: Tal Alon


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  2. Hi, thanks for sharing. Everything just seems at first glance. I'll try to practice. In return, I can advise the good icons Lastly, I will say that I love to edit icons, so often they are downloading.